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Letter to Nestlé Re: Hot Drink Machine at Orange Airport

Dear Sir,

Please send somebody to service the Nestle Hot Drink machine at Orange Airport NSW.

I currently reside in Stanmore and often enjoy a cup of Nestle Hot Chocolate from the Nestle Hot Drink machine on Stanmore station. Please note that I REALLY like your hot chocolate from this particular machine.

I recently went on a trip for the weekend to Orange. On my return flight, I had approximately 20 minutes until I was due to board.

I happened to notice one of your Hot Drink Machines in the corner at the airport and thought to myself “Ah good! hot chocolate!’

I noted as I deposited my coins that it was 40 cents more expensive than the machine at Stanmore Station but reconciled that I was indeed at an airport and that everything was bound to be more expensive.

Eagerly I waited as the machine made the noises that I have grown so familiar with over the past months. I rose the cup to my lips to have a sip upon retrieving it from the little square compartment… and was bitterly disappointed.

There had clearly not been anyone to service the machine in some time, as what I received was a brownish cup of hot water. It tasted nothing short of horrid, so had to abandon the cup to the garbage bin.

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert