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Letters or emails never acknowledged or gratified with a response


Dear Lincraft person,

I would like to make an enquiry and an complaint.

I was in Lincraft, Alexandria this afternoon.  I was buying wool, Cleckheaton Country Naturals, Charcoal Lot: 786239.  I need 9 balls. The store only had 5 . I bought the five that were there, and asked the sales assistant whether I could order in the remaining balls from another store.

She said she didn’t know, and she did check other stores stock, and suggested that I go to Miranda or Blacktown. Not going to happen. Now I am sure she has the best intention to pass this information along for me, but as she wrote it on a post-it note, I can’t help but wonder if it will reach said supervisor.  Post-it notes are not the best means of communication.

I looked on your website just now, and Cleckheaton Country Naturals is not something that is available to purchase online. And even if it was, I would be a tad cranky about having to pay $8.95 for delivery, counting I can go to Alexandria to get it.

So, can you please organise 5 balls of the above wool to be shipped to the Alexandria store so that I can pick it up when it arrives?

In regards to the customer service, I’ve got to say that it is a bit disappointing. This is the third time that I have been into the Lindcraft store at Alexandria with a question about a product, and the only help that I have received is from very young women who

  1. don’t care about their jobs or,
  2. have been really badly trained and,
  3. seem to know nothing about arts/crafts/sewing, etc.

Please let me know about the wool,

Regards, J. Cuthbert

I didn’t ever get a reply from them

However, since then I found an awesome place!

More Fruit Juice Problems

Dear Sir,

Please ensure that you have somebody from your company taste the drinks before releasing them for sale to the public.

While I was shopping this afternoon, I became rather thirsty. I discovered your drink at the checkout, and thought that it sounded delicious. It was a tiny bit pricey ($3.50) but being of the Goulburn Valley brand, I trusted that it would be of good quality.

You can imagine how disappointed I was upon tasting it to discover that it tasted like a drink bottle that had previously had fruit juice in it, and was then topped up later with water, giving the water a slightly fruity taste from the residue.

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert

Car Accident and Dealing With AAMI Insurance

Having driven to work three weeks ago, I was looking for a parking spot on the side of the street. And then: KAPOW! Someone pulled out from their parked position and ran right into my passenger door.

The girl was very apologetic, and did the right thing and lodged a claim with her insurance people.

Here is my experience with AAMI so far:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as I am dissatisfied with your service so far.

I was ran into by one of your customers on the 3rd of June, and so far I have had the following problems:

1. Even though your customer lodged the claim with you soon after the accident, I did not hear from you to organise a repair. I had to call you, and wait 45 minutes on a phone queue.

2. From this phone call, my car (the Ford) was booked into the Alexandria Assessment Centre.
Here, I waited at the desk for 5 minutes before anyone bothered to help me.

3. When I was finally helped, the girl that helped me was rather rude and unhelpful. She first berated me for being 20 minutes early, and then proceeded to talk to me as though I was stupid when I deigned to ask how long the car would take to be repaired. She then would not give me any kind of estimate, so I asked more directly whether the car would be repaired by Wednesday, as that is when I needed to go back to work. She smirked and said ´I don´t think so´ after which I asked her if AAMI were going to refund my train tickets to work. She then said that it was not AAMI´s kind of responsibility to cover that expense. After this, I am afraid that I lost my temper slightly and said to her ¨You mean to say that even though one of YOUR customers drove into me, that I have to pay for transport to work while you have the car for an indeterminate length of time???!¨

She then said that her department didn´t deal with stuff like that, and that I should contact someone else.

So perhaps you can answer my question: Is AAMI going to cover my transport costs to work while I am waiting for you to repair my car? Perhaps you would like to offer me a replacement car while you are repairing mine, as I am sure that this is the kind of service that the person that ran into me has been paying for.

Can you please contact me as soon as possible in regards to this matter at XXX.

If I have not heard from you by 4pm on Tuesday 28th, I will assume that you have accepted to cover all additional transport costs incurred, in direct relation to you keeping my car for an indefinite period of time. I will provide receipts for a refund in due course.

Yours sincerely,

J. Cuthbert

On AGL’s Door to Door Salesman…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please choose your door-to-door salesmen more carefully.

A fellow came to my house this afternoon, and I was generally under the impression was that he was trying to trick or confuse me into getting electricity with you.

He did this by firstly telling me that electricity had been privatised and that I could now have 10% off my bill, and that GST would now be removed. Wrong AND confusing!

He then asked if I had sent in the application from my last bill to get 10% off my bill. I explained that I paid via direct debit, so didn´t actually have a last bill.

He then tried to tell me that even though AGL would be giving me the discount, I would stay with Energy Australia. He continued to say that AGL had taken over the distribution of electricity in the area, and that this is how it would be possible for me to get 10% off even if I stayed with my current retailer.

After a while, I managed to get him to admit that he was simply trying to get me to swap over to AGL from my current energy provider, and that I would get a 10% discount off my first bill if I did.

I have a gas account with you already, but will consider moving it to another company if you send someone like this to pester me at home again.

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert

On Grove’s “Only Fruit” Orange juice

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be aware that your product name “Only Fruit” is terribly misleading.

I got a 500ml bottle of “Premium” Orange juice home, opened it, and was instantly disappointed by the taste, which was similar to a watered down version of McDonalds orange juice.

I checked the ingredients to find out why the juice was so, and not only discovered that you use reconstituted juice in something that is supposed to be premium, but you also have put preservatives in there!

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert

Check Your Chicken!

Dear Sirs,

Please check your chicken!

It has been on three different occasions that I have inadvertently bought chicken that was on the turn from the supermarket.

On the turn to what you ask? Possibly towards becoming a zombie chicken wing, but more likely on its way to becoming some sort of primordial slime that one finds at the bottom of the refrigerator.

On one of these occasions,we had planned to make a chicken casserole that evening, so took the chicken back to your store to exchange it. The girl at the checkout looked rather doubtful as we explained our problem. She soon gave us the word to exchange the chicken, after smelling the package. You could tell by the look on her face that she was horrified by the smell, but couldn´t say much because of company loyalty and such. Anyway, we went to find some new chicken, but it was ALL on the turn. Our chicken casserole had become a casserole with no chicken. The humanity.

Due to this, I have lost my trust that I will be buying fresh chicken from the store, and have to look like a weirdo smelling each package before putting it into my basket. This on top of the fruit and vegetable squeezing makes me feel like my grandmother.

Yours et cetera,

J. Cuthbert Esq.

Letter to Nestlé Re: Hot Drink Machine at Orange Airport

Dear Sir,

Please send somebody to service the Nestle Hot Drink machine at Orange Airport NSW.

I currently reside in Stanmore and often enjoy a cup of Nestle Hot Chocolate from the Nestle Hot Drink machine on Stanmore station. Please note that I REALLY like your hot chocolate from this particular machine.

I recently went on a trip for the weekend to Orange. On my return flight, I had approximately 20 minutes until I was due to board.

I happened to notice one of your Hot Drink Machines in the corner at the airport and thought to myself “Ah good! hot chocolate!’

I noted as I deposited my coins that it was 40 cents more expensive than the machine at Stanmore Station but reconciled that I was indeed at an airport and that everything was bound to be more expensive.

Eagerly I waited as the machine made the noises that I have grown so familiar with over the past months. I rose the cup to my lips to have a sip upon retrieving it from the little square compartment… and was bitterly disappointed.

There had clearly not been anyone to service the machine in some time, as what I received was a brownish cup of hot water. It tasted nothing short of horrid, so had to abandon the cup to the garbage bin.

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert