Cadbury Roses Sadness

Dear Mr. Cadbury,

I’m writing regarding the updated flavours in your Roses line, which are disappointing.

A friend told me about a year ago that you had changed them, and that they were not very good, so I subsequently did not buy them again. However, they were on special this week, and I had forgotten about my friend’s warning, so bought a box.

The new flavours are indeed disappointing, and I am horrified to note that some of my old favourites are gone:

  • Strawberry Creme, gone!
  • Peppermint Creme, gone, and replaced by heinous peppermint I-do-not-know-what, but the crunchy bits are very unsettling
  • Orange Creme, missing!
  • and finally, the good old Hazelnut Swirl with the full swirl and full hazel has been replaced by cheap hazelnut crumbs, and there is no longer a swirl!

Thank goodness the soft centred caramel and Turkish Delight were not discarded, though the vanilla nougat and classic caramel, however unfortunately, were not.

As for the new flavours, Dark Mocha Nougat is quite pleasant, and Hazelnut Creme Crisp may remain, but I’ll remain baffled until my dying day as to why somebody in marketing thought that white raspberry was a good idea.

There are at least two people in Australia who are most dissatisfied with the change. There may be more of us.


Jen Cuthbert

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