Australian Geographic: poor quality items, poor customer service

We just posted this review over at This experience doesn’t seem to be a rare occurence

We have ordered from here twice – once the Galileo thermometer, and secondly, a space-projector thing, and both items have been terrible. The thermometer wasn’t actually calibrated, and didn’t go above 28 degrees (useless in Sydney) so was basically something decorative, and the projector wouldn’t actually project onto anything further than 50cm away in a darkened room.

We had no troubles returning the thermometer, but we have been having some problems with the projector. Firstly, they were difficult about returning it if it wasn’t resalable in its original packing – it makes me shudder that they would resell this thing that doesn’t actually work – and then, when they refunded it, they refunded the wrong amount. They rectified this, but have still not paid for return postage. They say that they will only refund return postage if the item is damaged. I would say that not working as one would reasonably expect (i.e. project onto walls in a dark room from further way than 50cm) would indicate that a product was a bit damaged… We will wait to hear back from them regarding the postage, but really, we are not going to order from here again. The products have been a bit crap, despite costing a reasonable amount of money ($70~ and $60) You’d probably be be better off going to your local $2 shop.

I also posted a review on the Star Galaxy Platenarium product page on the Australia Geographic website. Oddly enough, 3 weeks after posting it, it is not publicly visible… This makes me wonder how many other negative comments are withheld.

Really disappointed

Quality 40%
Value 20%
Price 20%

The projector comes as an unassuming but sturdy feeling plastic assembly reminiscent of R2D2. It has two projectors: one with a couple of slowly rotating star domes, and another which allows the user to project the set of slides present on the three provided rings. The rings need to be turned manually.

Overall, I guess it’s kinda alright, if it weren’t for the poor strength of the projectors. Even in a darkened room, I had to be about a meter and a half from the ceiling to be able to see the slides, and less than a meter away from the darkest wall to see some stars.

I’m returning it now, and am feeling very disappointed.

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