mBox eFax – Just don’t.

I signed up to this company this afternoon, as I had to send a couple of faxes this month, and I didn’t want to go to the the post-office. They had a “1 month FREE use” thing, if you entered your financials, and agreed to have a monthly subscription for $9.95 afterwards – which you could cancel at anytime.  Being that I would have paid to send the faxes, since it was not only saving me a trip out of the house, but to also, to Australia Post, I thought that this was fairly reasonable.

The first faxes that I sent didn’t work, so I rang the helpline. The guy, whose name was Marco was mostly helpful, and helped me to resend them…only while we were waiting for a sent status, the line “accidentally” (I think now) disconnected.  The ones that he helped me to resend didn’t work either, so I took the suggestion that Marco made and sent each document in a separate fax. I had to head out for a bit, so figured I would just check their status when I got in..and…90 minutes later… nothing.   They hadn’t sent.

Being that we are moving house (hold your breath for a new AusPost mail redirection rant), and have a toddler and a million other things to do (like complain), we simply haven’t got time try and to get something like this to work, so I rang back and, after some time on hold, I got Marco again.  I explained that I had rang before, and that I had tried the fix that he suggested, and it still hadn’t worked. I was very apologetic, and said that I simply didn’t have time, and could I just cancel the subscription? He seemed to have no recollection of speaking to me, and then became kind of unpleasant/cold at this point, and put me on hold again. When he came back, he said that he had cancelled the subscription, and that I would receive a confirmation email.  Well, their email client must be as dodgy as their fax system, as I didn’t get that email either.

I then did what I should have done in the beginning, and had a look at Product Review and realised that something terrible had just happened.  I ended up calling the bank and having to cancel my debit card, lest eFax start taking payments after not cancelling my account. Ugh. Nightmare.

Verdict: Don’t do it to yourself.

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