Buying shoes online – don’t do it to yourself

I have been banned from buying shoes online by the resident Frenchman. Why? Because I have had to return 5 pairs over the years, because they NEVER EVER FIT. And then I end up paying extra for postage and more recently, experience anxiety because I worry that they won’t fit.

My latest foray with online shoe ordering, and Platypus shoes went like this:

  1. Find cheap shoes online
  2. Measure foot
  3. Go to brand website to find their size charts
  4. Read reviews about the fit
  5. Measure foot
  6. Check the brand website again
  7. Read more reviews
  8. Order
  9. Receive order
  10. Try them on
  11. Too tight
  12. Look at exchange process
  13. Learn that due to my payment type, I’m not allowed exchange them in store
  14. Repack
  15. Learn that Platypus try to make you use Australia Post to return them
  16. Book a courier with Sendle
  17. Receive notification that shoes delivered and signed for on the following day
  18. Spend all day wondering when the refund will be processed [still waiting]

So, thinking that I probably need the next size up, but unwilling to spend more money on postage, we went to the Platypus store in Newtown. They didn’t have them in my size, or anything else that took my fancy, mostly due to most of the shoes being priced over $150.  We decided to bravely continue on Mission Get Me Shoes, and go, for the first time to DFO at Homebush, where there is usually a queue of cars that looks like it is a kilometre long.  However, there was another Platypus shoe store there, and the promise of very-reduced-price running shoes.

The store was packed, and they had nothing in my size, and I was abandoned by the sales person that I had managed to capture after the first pair of shoes that I tried on didn’t fit.  Some time later, I was approached by the same member of staff, asking if she could help, before realising that I was still there. I had found a pair of shoes that might have worked, and she found the size for me, but, the heel was a bit lose. So I asked her “are these actually running shoes?” and she replied “no, but you probably could run in them.”  When I said “er.. maybe not”,  she suggested I try an actual sports shop. To be fair, she was kind of pleasant, but busy.  Anyway, trying a sports shop was probably a good suggestion, but the reason I was so intent on getting shoes from Platypus is that they are a hybrid shoe store – they sell shoes that I actually wear, and also, some sports shoes. So, in my mind, it was kind of an easier leap to make from shoes that I usually wear to weird-foamy-nylon-gel-filled-springy-shoes-filled-with-promises-of-cushioning-and-making-you-a-better-runner.

I stumbled out of the store empty footed, head in a spin from still not having any shoes, and disoriented from the horrible music that had been playing too loudly, and was about to make my way down the escalators to the sports store, but I didn’t make it, as I was waylaid by Skechers.

Though made slightly nauseous by the horrible design of their shoe boxes that look like they should read “AS SEEN ON TV” on them somewhere, the customer service was great, and I sent them an email to say so:


I just wondered if you could pass my thanks onto the team at DFO, Homebush for their great customer service.

I had tried on shoes at another store that morning, and after several pairs of poorly fitting shoes; staff telling me that one pair of shoes could be used for running when they clearly could not; and a general disinterest in actually selling me anything, I  happily came across the Sketchers store.

I was promptly helped by one of your team members, who showed me around a few kinds of styles and helped in getting a good fit.  And also, he listened patiently to my complaints about other brands, like Nike and their weird fit.

While checking out, I had a few questions about Afterpay, and though the staff were not yet very familiar with the process, they were apologetic that they might be slow. I didn’t end up using Afterpay anyway, as I had left my phone at home.

But, I am really impressed with the general helpfulness of your staff – they showed personality instead of behaving like they’d rather you not be there.

Thanks again –

So, happily I have some new running shoes that fit really well. I might write review as to whether they are good to run in at some point soon.  Maybe from my hospital bed if I manage to maim myself horribly while trying them out.


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