Stinky Storage Cube: Kmart


A couple of days ago, I bought a 3-pack of small, dark blue, collapsible storage cubes from the kid’s section at Ashfield Kmart. Since opening them, a god-awful smell has been emanating from them – stinking up the areas of the house where they are.

I don’t know if I can take them back, as I have lost the receipt. They were $11~ though, and the only thing that I bought, so will have the exact amount on my bank-statement.

Is it possible to use that to return them? They really do smell terrible, and while it is only $11, it’s a waste of money.

Jenny Cuthbert


I did end up receiving a reply to this from Kmart – though, we ended up just keeping the boxes. They have been stored in the garage for 11 months, and may almost be ready to bring inside. Maybe.


Good Afternoon Jenny,
Thank you for your contact via our website.
We are concerned to learn of your disappointment regarding the quality of the product and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Your comments have been noted and referred to the buying department for their attention and consideration for future developments.
In regards to returning the product which maybe faulty, you can return them to the store with your receipt for an exchange or refund, alternatively you can also provide a proof of purchase (bank statement, flybys card) to assist with finding the receipt on the stores system
You will need to return to the store in which you purchased the product from and provide the following
– Date of purchase
– Bank statement (stating the total transaction amount)
– The EFTPOS card or flybuys card you used when purchasing the product

3 thoughts on “Stinky Storage Cube: Kmart

  1. Hi Jenny

    I too have purchased two packs of pink cubes and the smell is horrendous!!! I have put both packaging and receipt in the rubbish. Thinking I’m going to have to do the same with the cubes… They are that bad!!! Smells like a dead rat

    1. Hi,

      I hope that you managed to sort out what to do with the cubes – apparently if you have record of the transaction with your card, or bank statement, you can have the money refunded.

  2. Oh my gosh this happened to me too recently.
    The storage cubes smell like faeces!!!
    My aunt bought some to help me organise my room and put stuff in them, and the stuff now smells terrible too!
    I thought one of us had stepped in something.. it took me a while to work out where the smell was coming from.
    Now the box is outside, but i haven’t attempted to take out and/or clean the stuff from inside it yet.

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