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I logged into Auspost and saw that the ‘Customer Enquiry’ I had lodged on Monday had been marked ‘resolved’ by someone on their end. So I disputed that it had been resolved and was given the opportunity to ‘update’ them. The space was limited so I had to heavily edit my rant. I’ve pasted it below. I tried to be polite, and I think I mostly succeeded. I just hope they don’t start shitting in our letterbox.

Some back story: I signed up for the parcel lockers in November this year. I verified my identification and soon after received a ‘MyPost’ card in the mail. The most recent parcel I picked up from the parcel lockers was on Thursday 15th December. End back story.

In relation to this parcel that was taken to Campsie PO instead of the parcel locker – I authorised an agent to go to Campsie PO and collect the package which he did so yesterday. When the parcel was finally located, my agent was lectured at by an Auspost staff member who said that it was my fault I didn’t receive the parcel earlier because I didn’t have any contact details on my Auspost account. This parcel, according to the tracking, has been sitting at Campsie PO since Tuesday 13th December. Two full days before I last collected a parcel FROM THE PARCEL LOCKERS. I’m not sure how my contact details were missing on the 13th of December and then suddenly reappeared on the 15th of December, just in time for me to be notified about my most recent parcel locker pick up. So strange!

A note was also taped to my parcel at Campsie PO that said:

“Customer needs to re-add there Parcel Locker location and Verify there Identification on-line

That note is typed verbatim. There are a number of things wrong with this note, including the use of capital letters where none are required, the incorrect spelling of ‘their’ (twice), the web address that literally does not exist, and the fact that my contact details and identification are already on my Auspost account because a) I have an Auspost MyCard and b) I literally collected a parcel from the parcel lockers (which I was contacted about! Through Auspost!) last Thursday!

This is bordering on the ridiculous. I resent my agent being lectured for something that is literally not his business, and what’s worse, by staff that can’t use English correctly.

Please sort the communication issue out in future. And ask your staff to be less stupid.

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