Nuk Suction Baby Bowls

We have entered the world of baby paraphernalia, mostly because we managed to co-operate long enough to have a baby.

A thing to note is that new parents are taken advantage of by all of the baby supply people in two ways – first, the fear that your child will die or feel poor without some expensive bit of equipment; and second, if you don’t have some special bit of equipment, you will be massively inconvenienced.

Being mildly suspicious of the the whole industry, we did buy a lot of stuff secondhand before our baby was born. However, as time goes on, sometimes we need equipment (or so we think!) faster than we can source it, and some things are better off being bought new.   Anyway, this flurry of spending has given birth (yes, I said it) to a whole new category on here: Baby Paraphernalia, in the hope that we can save unwitting new parents from wasting their money.

Our first review will be about the Nuk Suction Bowl.

Purpose: In trying to attempt baby-led-weaning, ours tipped her food into her lap a few too many times.  Vaguely remembering that I had seen suction bowls somewhere or other in any of the websites I had been to, I decided we should try one.

Cost: $14 for a two-pack from Babies’r’Us


The Good: Deep, kind of a good shape, comes with a microwave lid and a regular lid for storage.

The Bad: Doesn’t actually suction to anything.  We tried suctioning on to our polished wooden table (see photo), a plastic tray on her little seat (review to come – but – DEATH TRAP) and the kitchen bench (laminate). It suctions for a moment, and by the time you’ve retrieved the sippy cup from the floor for the first time, it has unsuctiontioned itself. And it cost $14 for two plastic bowls that will have no purpose beyond this stage of development.

Customer Service: None

Verdict: Don’t do it to yourself. Get a wide, heavy ceramic dish instead.  Our kiddy-wink (8 months) no longer tries to pull the bowl onto her lap.

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