Our energy woes continue. We have moved our electricity away from Energy Australia (still need to get gas from them though) to Powershop. New Zealand owned, big on renewables and have an interesting business model in that the customer can sort buy excess power cheaply, to be used at later times.

To get access to these specials however, one has to be on Facebook, or get their phone app which wants access to your contacts, camera and a whole lot of other stuff which doesn’t seem relevant.

I just sent them this email. I guess it will be an early litmus test to see how the company deals with problems.


I would like to install your app to get access to specials and such, but was disturbed over of level of access to my phone data that the app requests.

I am also not on Facebook, also due to privacy concerns.

Can you please email specials as well as advertising them via the phone app and Facebook?

For a company that seems “not evil” you seem to want access to a whole lot of my data.


Jenny Cuthbert