Leaving AGL, again

Somehow after having left AGL for the more decent looking Australia Power and Gas, the latter got bought by the former. We were back with the very company we didn’t want to buy power from to start with. After yet another hefty bill, though we were under the impression, from prior communication, that rates would remain the same, we decided to go away, again.

Chart of gas consumption and costs
Chart of gas consumption and costs

So we did. But AGL didn’t quite see it this way, and started literally harrassing us—we got called up to seven times a day on a few Sundays, and asked every time not to be called again—with various offers or covert attempts to get us back, under the guise of getting confirmation that we were leaving.

This bit is purely anecdotal, and should probably not be taken for anything than illustrative purposes, but the last bill interestingly shows that despite our consumption decreasing, the total cost increased by more or less the same ratio. And that’s taking into account the ¢14 refund for the carbon tax repeal. Was it really worth the repeal? I think not.

Anyway, here’s a final letter that I’m not going to send them, but it’s nice to vent frustration out…

Dear AGL,

After having repeatedly harrassed us to try to get us to stay with you, asking why we were leaving, you will find one of the reason in the last bill.

That, and also the constant harrassment that we had to report to ACMA.

I hope one day you learn on decent business practices.

PS: Thanks for the ¢14 back from the carbon tax. They made it sound like it would be bigger… I suppose operating costs…

On more serious matter, we received the following reply to our complaint from ACMA (truncated to the most important bits).

Thank you for the information you provided about the unwanted calls you have received from CPM Asia Pacific on behalf of [AGL] Energy Limited and apologies for the delay in responding further.

The ACMA has received a number of complaints about AGL and has previously written to it regarding its obligations under DNC legislation. The ACMA is closely monitoring the organisation for its compliance with the DNC legislation.

It may be of interest to note that telemarketing calls may still be made to a number on the Register if the person has consented to receive the call. Consent may be either express, or inferred by any existing relationship between the two parties.

The ACMA’s enquiries indicate that CPM often makes telemarketing calls for AGL on the basis of consent however I have noted your comments that you continued to receive calls from CPM for AGL even after clearly advising that you were not interested in returning your business to this company. This information has been noted on the ACMA’s files for further reference as appropriate.

Even though you have already verbally requested not to receive further telemarketing calls from CPM and AGL you may like to contact both companies directly, preferably in writing, to ‘opt out’ of receiving telemarketing calls for all current and future campaigns. You can opt out via the information on the company’s website www.cpm-aus.com.au.

Repeat offenders…

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