Games Paradise: Heaven or Hell?

Thinking of ordering a game from Games Paradise instead of trekking into the city to pick it up? Don’t do it to yourself.

I ordered a game from there the other week, due to my laziness to go into the city. For a week my order status sat on “processing” so I rang the customer service line to check. The girl assured me that I would receive the game by Thursday (four days from the day I was calling). I said that it was ok, and continued to play the waiting game.

The following Monday arrived, the order status was still on “processing” so I rang and cancelled my order. The girl on the phone was apologetic, and almost relieved that I wasn’t cranky and agreed to refund me straight away. The money arrived back in my account within 3 days, though, I do wish they had managed to send the game to me in that time.

I’ve got a trip coming up to the US shortly, where I can buy it for $35 – $15 cheaper than here. I’ll just wait a few weeks.

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