Tip Top’s Grab and Go are, unfortunately, not Hot Cross Buns

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please put more spice into your “Grab and Go” breakfast rolls.

For years I’ve thought that a bread company such as yourselves should make hot cross buns all year round, but without the cross of course, since it might upset a few people.

Anyway – I thought that you had at last done this. They look like hotcross buns, without the cross of course. Imagine my disappointment when eating one just then (as my afternoon snack, not breakfast, though I don’t think that this would change the flavour), to discover that they are just a sweet bread with fruit. No spice.

Please reconsider putting spice in. Everyone has forgotten about Easter for the year. And then just add sneaky crosses to the same recipe next year, and charge extra for them.

Thank you for taking my concerns with the upmost seriousness that they deserve,

Yours sincerely,

Jenny Cuthbert Esq.

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