Not sure about StarTrack couriers’ service quality

Today, I got an “Attempted Delivery Advice” from StarTrack couriers in the post. Somebody must have been impatiently waiting for a parcel. Problem is that the parcel is not addressed to anybody living here. The advice has not been delivered to the right address.

Looking on the conveniently advertised website, I could see that the parcel was dropped at my local post office, and labelled as “Delivered”. So my understanding is that StarTrack considers they have done their job. But they haven’t.

The actual recipient of this parcel does not know that it has arrived. There is no information on the notice nor on their website for me to track the recipient and inform them. There is no obvious point of contact mentioned anywhere for me to even inform StarTrack that something went wrong.

In a week, the post office will return the parcel to the sender and the recipient will not have what they ordered. Yet, according to StarTrack’s books, they will say they did their job properly when delivering it.

They didn’t. They got the wrong address and offer no way to correct the problem. Their motto seems to be “When Service Matters”. Well, when it does, indeed matter, I will choose another courier than StarTrack.

Now, I will try some more to find who the recipient might be. I should probably charge it back to the couriers…

3 thoughts on “Not sure about StarTrack couriers’ service quality

  1. but they did their job – they were hired by the selling company to deliver the parcel to the address provided. If someone gets their address wrong, how can it be the third party contractor's fault and thus their responsibility to chase up? Maybe if they don't get their parcel they'll look into it and realise their mistake and learn from it? social darwinism?!

  2. Hum, this is a fair point. I assumed that whatever address the courier was given was the correct one, and that they didn't leave the notice there.

    The buyer, or the seller, could also have gotten the address wrong along the way, which escaped me. That said, I doubt one is likely to make a mistake in their own address, and I suppose the seller's system is automatic and has little chance of making a copy mistake.

    I still believe that the error is on the courier's side, but it's true that, given the situation (the notice bore no address, just a name), I cannot be sure.

    Nonetheless, as one should be considered innocent until proven guilty, I have removed the “Bad Experience” tag from this post.

    Thanks for pointing this out!

  3. Been waiting for a delivery had to go to the loo door bell rang midstream
    rushed outside he was in his wagon I shouted out to him banged on his window he then gave me a wave and drove off ….What A F’N Moron.
    Rang startrack 132345 waited for 45 minutes automated phone system
    no one came back hungup tried another number automated again finally got hold of someone they put me through to another number 45 minutes later still no response …About time they employed real people
    I am realy pissed off with them

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