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For my holiday project, I decided to fix up some of the furniture in my bedroom.

It has been an epic task, and I wish that I hadn’t ever begun. It is now halfway through though, so I should probably finish it. Porters Paints have not made life easy. Except for the nice girl in the Miranda store.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make a complaint about the staff at the Waterloo store in Sydney.

The first time I went in, the girl with coloured hair was quite friendly, but the other woman with her was quite offish. I went in there a second time this morning to buy some milk paint. The girl that I spoke with was most unhelpful. I stated what I wanted, and she told me that it was out of stock. I asked “Do you know if any other stores have it in?” She replied that it was sold out everywhere, and that I would have to wait until the factory opened again for new stock. I asked when that would be and she shrugged.

I went out to the car, and rang the Leichhardt store, where the woman was slightly more helpful and said that she sold the last bag yesterday but that I should try the Miranda store.

I rang the Miranda store. The girl in the Miranda store was lovely, said that they had a bag, and that she would put it aside for me. I drove down, and I explained that the city stores had been out of stock. She most helpfully offered to order some in from another store for me if I get stuck before the next shipment, and also offered me a date as to when the next shipment would be.

Perhaps it would be worth forwarding the example of the excellent customer service skills that the girl in Miranda had, on to the girl (German I think) in the Waterloo store.


J. Cuthbert

After a couple of weeks, I received this reply from the regional manager. Its rather flowery, but they certainly understand the value of customer service.

Dear J[…]

Many, many thanks for your feedback. My apologies for the long delay in replying. I have only just returned from leave.

Your experience is most distressing and certainly not what I expect from our staff. They are taught to do everything possible to meet the customer’s needs, including ringing around to other stores if they are out of stock. I am constantly assured that this is what is done, so it is interesting to learn of your poor experience.

I will forward your email to all of our stores so that corrective action can be taken and thank you again most kindly for having informed me. So many people would simply move on without saying anything but never buy from the store again. You took the trouble to let me know and it is most appreciated.

I do hope we will service you better in the future and I also hope that your milk paint project met your expectations.

With best wishes,


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