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Having had the most ancient model of Nokia for a while now, I decided the other week (month) that I would propel myself into the future and order a new telephone from the internet. The wonders of technology blah blah..

So. I went to a shopping website that helpfully told me where I could buy the phone from for the least expensive price. From this list I found this: SimplyElectronics(dot)net.

Don’t. Do. It. To. Yourself.

I ordered the phone on 24/08/12. According to my account on the website, the order is still being made ready. I rang the company on Friday, September 14 (curiously, they have a banner on their page that says “24/7 Sales Support”, and written below that is “click here for opening hours”)

Anyway, I rang them, the woman was quite apologetic and promised to get in touch with logistics and find out why it was taking so long to even dispatch the order. After all, it was supposed to arrive within 14 days.

The contact has now moved into the realm of emails, which I will paste below.

Dear J.

Greetings from SimplyElectronics.

As promised, I am contacting you regarding your order with us.

I have just received an update from our logistic department and
unfortunately they have confirmed that it is not possible as due to the
current workload that they have, they are unable to accomodate the request
to dispatch today. However, thay have informed us that once they see an opportunity, they will certainly prioritise your order first.

In any case, we are terribly sorry for such inconvenience on the situation.

We would totally understand should you no longer wish to wait as it is very clear that the item is urgently needed.

Should you require further assistance or information, please feel free to email back.

Kind Regards,


So. Too busy. I am starting to suspect that the company is able to sell their wares so cheaply due to only employing only one poor bastard in their warehouse who has to do everything.

Anyway. I waited a few days to for the order status to update. And it didn’t.

I have just sent this email in the hopes that it will shift things along a bit.

Dear (name),

Thank you for getting back to me in regards to my order.

I was wondering if there has been an update on the status of the
shipping. I am starting to grow rather frustrated, since, as you
would be aware, the website indicates that it should not take longer
than 14 days to be shipped.

I find it incredible that I ordered it 3 weeks ago and the
warehouse has not managed to put it in a box and print a simple
mailing label for it yet.

I know that this is not your fault, but your urgent attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

J. Cuthbert.

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