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Car Accident and Dealing With AAMI Insurance

Having driven to work three weeks ago, I was looking for a parking spot on the side of the street. And then: KAPOW! Someone pulled out from their parked position and ran right into my passenger door.

The girl was very apologetic, and did the right thing and lodged a claim with her insurance people.

Here is my experience with AAMI so far:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as I am dissatisfied with your service so far.

I was ran into by one of your customers on the 3rd of June, and so far I have had the following problems:

1. Even though your customer lodged the claim with you soon after the accident, I did not hear from you to organise a repair. I had to call you, and wait 45 minutes on a phone queue.

2. From this phone call, my car (the Ford) was booked into the Alexandria Assessment Centre.
Here, I waited at the desk for 5 minutes before anyone bothered to help me.

3. When I was finally helped, the girl that helped me was rather rude and unhelpful. She first berated me for being 20 minutes early, and then proceeded to talk to me as though I was stupid when I deigned to ask how long the car would take to be repaired. She then would not give me any kind of estimate, so I asked more directly whether the car would be repaired by Wednesday, as that is when I needed to go back to work. She smirked and said ´I don´t think so´ after which I asked her if AAMI were going to refund my train tickets to work. She then said that it was not AAMI´s kind of responsibility to cover that expense. After this, I am afraid that I lost my temper slightly and said to her ¨You mean to say that even though one of YOUR customers drove into me, that I have to pay for transport to work while you have the car for an indeterminate length of time???!¨

She then said that her department didn´t deal with stuff like that, and that I should contact someone else.

So perhaps you can answer my question: Is AAMI going to cover my transport costs to work while I am waiting for you to repair my car? Perhaps you would like to offer me a replacement car while you are repairing mine, as I am sure that this is the kind of service that the person that ran into me has been paying for.

Can you please contact me as soon as possible in regards to this matter at XXX.

If I have not heard from you by 4pm on Tuesday 28th, I will assume that you have accepted to cover all additional transport costs incurred, in direct relation to you keeping my car for an indefinite period of time. I will provide receipts for a refund in due course.

Yours sincerely,

J. Cuthbert