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Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Sale #: XXXXXX

I am writing to complain about your service.

I simply ordered some flowers (The Jospehine bunch) to be delivered to my mother on Mothers Day on Wednesday 4th May.

Thursday: I received a call from your customer service people to say that the florists were not able to deliver on Sunday, and that the flowers would have to be delivered on Friday or Saturday. Though annoyed that the flowers would not be delivered to my mother on Sunday, I agreed for Saturday on the proviso that the delivery fee be refunded, as I had paid extra to have the flowers delivered on Sunday. The fellow that I spoke to seemed a bit cavalier about the refund, but nonetheless assured me that the delivery fee would be refunded.

Later that day, I received a call from my mother, thanking me profusely for the flowers! The florist had rung her and asked her if she could deliver the flowers on the Friday – thus spoiling the surprise and moving the delivery day forward to Friday.

Friday: My mother rang me again to thank me for the nice white flowers. White. The flowers that I ordered were yellow and pink.

Please do something about this – my order has been completely stuffed up.

Yours etcetera,


Though a bit slow to get back to me, they did eventually, with the below email.

Hi J.,

Thank you for your email.

As we were unable to source the exact flowers as pictured on our website due to local availability problems we had to make a substitution of the flowers in the arrangement as per our substitution policy.

I apologise that you were not notified of the substitution. Your refund for the delivery fee has been processed on Thursday 5th May.

Please do not hesitate to contact easyflowers if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,


Customer Service Officer



thanks for getting back to me. I have read your substitution policy and it doesn’t say anything about the flowers being the wrong colour – it says:

“If an item is unavailable we will substitute it with another item of similar design, colour, quality and price”

The pink and the yellow flowers were chosen specifically because they were pink and yellow. I didn’t expect them to be upgraded to anything like roses, but surely there were other flowers of a similar price that were pink and yellow?

Your website has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – and I am not satisfied with your customer service and lack of communication.

Yours etcetera,

J. Cuthbert[/blockquote]
Hi J. ,

Thank you for your email.

We have processed a refund of $39 to you today. Please allow a few working days for this to process and appear back on your statement.

Kind regards,



6 thoughts on “Easy Flowers from easyflowers.com.au – Not quite

  1. I order flower to my boyfriend to be delivered today 16 to a very famous place in a very famous location and he didnt get anything!!!!!!!!!! Im really angry i send many emails massages and no one replied to me …. What should I do now ????

  2. No kidding. These guys are a joke and the flowers I paid $90 for with their sham extra delivery charge were delivered in a cardboard box with foil and celopyane as packing……….happy to post the photos if anyone is interested.I will be taking it further!

  3. Do not use this company. condescending flowers would be a better name for the company. There is nothing easy about dealing with them.
    The flowers where not delivered to the hospital as per the order. Their courier said they where but was unable to advise who they gave them to.
    I had to make many calls to the hospital and do an online chat, I searched their site on my iPad and could not find a phone number anywhere.
    The chat person said they would send them again, this time to the house as the person was leaving hospital. I was given the impression it would be done that day as they where already a day late.
    Nothing arrived that day, back on to online chat the person was bordering on being rude.
    Highly recommended you NEVER use this company.

  4. Wish I had read the reviews before wasting my money…but when someone dies, you rush to send something to let your loved ones know you care. I chose the Eleanor arrangement from the sympathy range….which turned up with garishly-coloured lilies in it!! Totally inappropriate! When I complained, they were quick to offer a $15 refund…for my $93 arrangement!!! What a rip-off. Needless to say, I have never received this insulting compensation nor heard from them again

  5. I wish I had read this before using this company. I am having issues about not being relieved when promised and now don’t know where they are. My friend didn’t get them while in hospital and not sure where they are! Will keep trying.

  6. My goodness, I have been reading the comments from people complaining about their flower deliveries.
    I have been using easy flowers for several years now and have had nothing but fantastic service, beautiful flowers and when necessary have been notified of any difficulties with my order.
    I will continue to use this service.

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