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On Coles’ home branded “Dijon Mustard”

Subject: Re: Your offer for a refund in case of unsatisfactory product

Sir or madam,

This letter follows the offer that I found on a mustard jar that I bought last week from the Coles Supermarket in the Broadway Shopping Center in Sydney. It stated that a full refund would be provided in case I wasn’t satisfied by this product. Unfortunately, I can’t say I am, and would like to claim this refund.

The jar was labelled Dijon Mustard (ref. DA0609). As an expatriated Frenchman, I’ve learnt since my childhood to appreciate mustard coming from Burgundy. I am afraid the content of this jar only remotely approximates this taste. It is far too sweet.

I have to admit that I’ve learnt not to expect “decent” Dijon mustard abroad except if imported from France. That’s fine. The label on your product however really got my hopes up. I let you imagine my deception when it bailed on my delicious roast.

Unfortunately, I haven’t kept the receipt for this purchase, but I remember the date and the place (both mentionned above), which I guess should be sufficient to determine the price I paid. I’m happy to return the barely-touched jar to the shop, were you to require it for inspection.

I regularly shop at Coles and have come to recognize the Coles brand as a sign of quality and honest pricing. I’m sure you’ll be able to correct this little oversight. If I may, I’d like to suggest that you rename this product to something less misleading (e.g. “Dijon-style Mustard”), or maybe adapt the recipe to more closely match the “Dijon taste”. Additionaly, I’m sure it would please a lot of your mustard-loving customers if you stocked some jars of the Dijona brand (the big ones, please!) which is a low-priced but good-quality export mustard from France.

Hoping you can process this refund and that my suggestions were of interest to you, I thank you for your attention.